A Picture Perfect Family Session


We wanted to share the Healy's most recent session with you and tell you a bit about all the ways they ROCKED their session. We have been photographing the Healy family since their twins were babies!  Its so wonderful for us to watch babies and families grow up.

First, Ashley hired a stylist to help put together their outfits.  The stylist did a fabulous job of coordinating and choosing colors that looked gorgeous in the Oregon Autumn ambiance.  We love that the stylist matched the twins but the twins are not dressed identical.  The little girls outfits are so sweet.  Their shoes!  Oh my goodness! 


Ashley also took the time to get her hair and make up done.  When you look good you feel good.  We know that finding the time to get this done prior to your session while getting your family ready is TOUGH but IT IS SO WORTH IT. Mom looks stunning and dad, so handsome!


The Healy's booked a full session because they knew their kiddos would be shy and need some time to warm up.  We love that they took this into consideration and gave us the time we needed to get the best shots possible.  They have a ton of variety in their session, beautiful posed images along with the joyful lifestyle captures.


The Healy's put time and careful thought into their investment of family portraits with us and we were so completely overjoyed with their effort.  We love everything about this session and we hope explaining their process can help you prepare for your next session too! We completely understand this this is big investment in time, money, effort, etc. We KNOW! We want to do everything in our power to make sure that you get the session you deserve. We can work out custom payment plans for you. If you can't use a stylist, take a look at our custom style boards to get some inspiration on colors and patterns. Is there anything else holding you back from booking the session of your dreams? Reach out and let us know!



Matt + Bethany: A Love Story

We had the honor of photographing Matt and Bethany's wedding! A gorgeous bridal party, a sunny summer day, followed by an amazing sunset and of course...the grand helicopter entrance! It was a dreamy day for this elegant garden wedding.

Matt Loves Bethany-Social Media Files Low Resolution-0031.jpg

Flowers (Bride's bouquet, boutonnieres, and corsages): Euphloria

Flowers (Arrangements and Bridesmaids bouquets): Bride's Mom

DJ w/photobooth: Jazz It Up Production

Wedding Dress: The White Dress Portland, Oregon

Hair: Stephanie Kuiper

Cake: Mom and I Cakery Vancouver, Washington

Caterer/Servers: Maggie's Buns Forest Grove, Oregon

Invitations: Ashley Girres (Friend of bride). Etsy: GarrettGraphics

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie

Adam + Jackie: A Love Story

Jackie and Adam celebrated their April wedding in a serene and intimate little venue. It was our first time photographing at the Hopkins Demonstration Forest in Oregon City, and we fell in love! The weather could not have been more perfect (it doesn't happen often in April in Oregon!). The theme of their wedding was semi-rustic with a dash of sparkle and shades of purple. They chose to let the incredible Oregon backdrop do all the talking, and it was a great decision. The sweeping views and tall trees and sounds of nature all contributed to the perfect wedding. Our favorite part of the day? Watching Adam serenade his new bride during the reception! Swoon! What bride doesn't dream of a romantic moment like that?

Adam Loves Jackie 2017-Social Media Files-0066.jpg

Venue: Hopkins Demonstration Forest
Flower Crown: Bella Bloom Florals
Other flowers were bought at Safeway, prepared by bridal party.
Cake/ Dessert: Fat Cupcakes
Wedding dress: David's Bridal
Groom Suit: Men's Wearhouse
Officiant, Ernie Claeson

Mike + Dianne: A Love Story

We met Mike and Dianne through a former couple of ours, Kimberly and Brodie! We fell in love with Mike and Dianne the moment we met them. They were laid back, comfortable, sweet to each other, and just exuded a calm and intimate vibe. It was no wonder that their wedding was the exact same way! They had a small and sweet bridal party, and the wedding was filled with close friends and family. There was no frenzy or chaos to the day, just time together, soaking up all the moments and the relationships of all the people that came to celebrate their day. It was our honor and blessing to get to witness this sweet love story! Thank you, Mike and Dianne!

The sweet details and laid back venue set the perfect scene.

Mike and Dianne A Love Story
Mike and Dianne A Love Story
Mike and Dianne A Love Story
Mike and Dianne A Love Story

Zach + Sara: A Love Story

Even though deep down we do LOVE a good rainy day, it also makes us think about those beautiful perfect days of summer. We realized we never got to share the incredible details of Sara and Zach's 2016 wedding, so, here ya go! Sarah and Zachary are the most well paired humans we have ever met. They are the definition of being a team. Their wedding was very family and community oriented with so many details done by themselves and their family. Their family lovingly home-made quilts, pies, center pieces, and evens bridesmaid dresses. Their wedding was held at their brothers home. The truck that is featured in their photos was PUT TOGETHER by Sara and Zach. At their engagement session they told me how they started with tupperware storage bins of bits and parts... and then after much time and work and effort they have a full working truck. It's like the ultimate IKEA furniture test times 1 million. Their wedding was a sweet day full of laughing and little kiddos dancing the night away.


...It might be time for a new head shot

We're just gonna put this out there....

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If you own your own business, run a work from home business, or just want to put a fresh new face to your current branding...it might be time for a head shot!

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Joshua+Lauren: A Love Story

Joshua & Lauren met in English Class at Western Oregon University. They were dating 2 1/2 years before the proposal. He proposed at the top of Spanish Peak, on the Pacific Crest Trail, on her 22nd birthday. She is a computer scientist, he's a special educator.

They chose Ron's Pond because they wanted a wedding in a beautiful, secluded, quiet, and peaceful outdoor setting. Ron's Pond certainly delivers that! It was our first time shooting at this venue and we cannot WAIT to go back! The grooms father married them and it was a tear-jerker for all of us. We teased Joshua and Lauren a bit on their wedding day that Joshua was the most smitten groom ever, but quite honestly, it was true. Their adoration for each other was glowing and they had the most joyful, carefree wedding day. Congratulation Lauren & Joshua, we were so honored to be a part of your love story!

Venue: Ron's Pond, Monmouth Oregon
Dessert: The Hungry Hero Dessert Co.
Dress: Brides for a Cause
Hair and makeup: Ulta
Men's Suits: Men's Warehouse


Just can't get enough? Check out their sweet video slideshow!

Adam + Ashley: The Beginning

Ashley and Adam are getting married in August in West Linn. We got so fortunate with the weather (finally!) for their engagement session, and were pleasantly surprised to find fields of wildflowers, and gorgeous blossoming trees! Congratulations Ashley and Adam, we cannot WAIT for your summer wedding! 


Jarad + Sarah: The Beginning

Sarah and Jarad met in high school, and were really good friends. Sarah went off to college, and during summer breaks started to date Jarad. On July 4th, 2010 they finally made things "official". They were dating for 2 years when Sarah left for Arizona for dental school. She lived in Arizona for a year, and by the second year, Jarad followed, just to be with her! Once she finished school, they moved home and bought a house not too long after. On July 4th, 2016 he finally popped the question! We are so excited for their August wedding! Congratulations, Jarad and Sarah!


Marty + Ashley

We were so honored to do engagement photos for Marty and Ashley last week! We got so lucky with a beautiful Spring day, with gorgeous wildflowers and a stunning couple! Congratulations, Marty and Ashley!


I've signed up for family photos! Now what?!!?

So, you’ve signed up for family pictures with us...and then comes the dreaded thought ....WHAT ARE WE GOING TO WEAR?!! Lucky for you, we've teamed up with the fabulous Kristy of "Styled by Luxe" and she is our personal stylist....and should be yours, too! Kristy offered to guest blog for us today, so without further ado, here is some information from Kristy! 


Hi Guys! So once you've signed up for family photos, if you're anything like me... you start to scour the internet for ideas, you look at friends pictures for inspiration and you even ask your photographer if they have suggestions (I’ve done that!). But what if it could be easier? Less stressful? More enjoyable! I think I can help with that in a variety of ways.

First, I want you to consider - where are these pictures going? Do you plan to hang them up in your home? If so, what is the color scheme in your house? What’s your style? You’ll want to make sure these pictures will fit right in! You’ll also want to take into consideration where these pictures are being taken. Outside at a park, or in a city? Maybe you're having a studio session. Your outfits should compliment your house but they should also work well with your surroundings.

Once you've picked your color scheme, the natural instinct is to start figuring out what everyone else is going to wear, so naturally you start with the kids. In my experience when I get everyone else’s outfits put together before mine, it leaves me running around town trying to figure out something to wear, I end up spending more money than I would have if I had started with myself, and I usually don’t even like what I end up wearing. To top it off, the idea of pictures just sounds terrible at that point, not only to myself but to my husband as well because he sees me turning into a crazy person (Yep! Been there!). I understand wanting your pictures to turn out perfect and that’s why I encourage you to start with YOU (YES! YOU!). The kids are easy to dress and spouses, too! Once your outfit is put together the other pieces will fall into place.

Here’s an example of my family pictures from a couple years ago.

Photo by: Heidi & Heather Collective

Now you can see, I didn’t go super matchy-matchy, but the colors in our outfits and the scenery worked very well together (in my opinion) and matched perfectly with our home decor. For these looks I started with my outfit and picked colors for my husband and son from there. I like how Chris’ dark denim picks up the navy from my shirt and Caleb’s sweater and Caleb’s tan and gold pick up the color off of Chris’s shirt and shoes. You can kind of see it, if you look closely, Chris’ shirt had a purple stripe which worked perfectly with my skirt and the flowers on my shirt. We didn’t all wear the same thing (or colors) and we had different patterns but because the colors worked well together and complimented the scenery it all came together perfectly.

If this information isn’t helpful enough and you’re still at a loss as to what to wear let me help you! My small business, Styled By Luxe, can take care of you and your family! I offer custom packages to fit most any need at an affordable rate!

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for your {almost} daily outfit inspiration!


Oregon is known for it's majestic beauty, lush green forests, and of course...we can't forget about amazing craft beer. Which made us think....since it's #NationalBeerDay, we need to share some of our favorite images from David and Lindy's fun wedding at Gilgamesh Brewing! This wedding was all about the party - mingling with friends and family, great food, great music...and of course...great beer! Happy Friday!


Kyle+Sheila: A Love Story

Kyle & Sheila met while working at Creekside Golf Course In 2008. After a few years of friendship, Kyle and Sheila started dating in 2013. Kyle proposed in May, 2015.

Their vision for their wedding was a rustic barn setting. Kyle and Sheila chose the wedding venue in large part because of the quaint feel of the barn and because Kyle loved the miniature horses and goats. The bridal party consisted of family and long time friends. Sheila met most of her bridesmaids in college and Kyle had worked with three of the groomsmen at Creekside Golf Course (where they met).

The amount of work and effort these two put into their beautiful wedding, featuring home brewed beer as a table centerpiece/party favors was evident. Although Mother Nature had her way with an insanely stormy day, their families pitched in and made the best of it, and we loved the intimate feel of their sweet barn vow exchange.


We enjoyed every minute of their wedding day, and we're pretty sure they had the MOST FUN bridal party ever!


Flowers: For the Love of Pete
Cake/cupcakes/dessert: Sweetly Baked
Venue: The Willows
DJ: Only the Best Sound
Food: a family friend
Hair/makeup: Blossom & Beauty
Brides dress: Maggie Sottero from Bridal Exclusives
Groomsmen attire: Mens warehouse
Decor/signs/centerpieces- DIY
linens, dishes, and cakestands: For the Love of Pete

Top 5 Reasons to get your portraits done in the summer!

5. Barefeet and Sundresses...

4. River/beachy sessions

3. Beautiful summer glow and freckles

2. Golden hour sun

1. And the number one reason to get Summer portraits...


We know, we know... you are thinking... what?! We usually wait until the Fall! 

We get it, the Fall leaves are beautiful. However, the Summer has several advantages over the Fall. First, we have longer days, which means we have more availability to shoot your session! Its really hard in the Fall when the sun sets by 5 p.m., which means most people need to shoot their session on the weekends. What happens when we (inevitably) get rained out...sometimes multiple times? Rescheduling sessions in the Fall and syncing up everyone's schedule can be TOUGH. 

During the summer we can shoot weekends, and weeknights until 8 p.m.! And we are far less likely to get rained out. Although the Fall leaves are beautiful, you'll never get that amazing Summer golden hour sunset...and who doesn't want that!? 

Another advantage to summer photos... cute outfits! Everyone can dress comfortably in dresses, shorts, sandals... in the Fall we often have overcast, drizzly days, which makes for some red and runny noses, less happy kiddos, and bulky coats and sweaters. 

Th biggest perk to Summer photos? You're not stressed about how quickly you'll get your photos back - you'll have plenty of time to plan out your cards, keep an eye out for the best deals, and get them ordered, addressed, and sent out in PLENTY of time! 

We are so in love with the idea of summer portraits for Christmas cards, that we always do our OWN family portraits in the summer. We already have our own portrait dates on the calendar... so what are you waiting for!? Head on over to our storefront to see what we have available. We have lots of "styled" sessions in the store, but if you like the date and location of a particular event, you are welcome to take advantage of the cute set up, or NOT! Its your call. We can do a totally "normal" portrait session on any of the dates listed in our storefront. 



We are looking forward to seeing you and catching up with your family!