Heidi and Heather Wedding Photography



Our job is to capture milestones.

Laura and Colby had a year filled with one milestone after another.  In the span of ONE year, we captured their engagement, wedding, maternity and newborn photos (with a pretty stinkin’ adorable little guy)!

First of all, these two are FUN.  They had an engagement session at the zoo.  It rained – a lot.   Instead of being bummed out and mad, they played in the rain and smiled through the whole thing (enter wet hair faux-hawk photo...).  Second, their new little man is apparently as laid-back and happy as they are, because he let us take all sorts of photos without ANY fussing or groaning.  The joy they have experiencing their lives together and celebrating these milestones seeps through every single frame we shoot with this family.  Congratulations, you two, and we look forward to sharing more of your milestones together!