Heidi and Heather Wedding Photography


The Happiest Couple

We photograph a lot of great couples, but the happiest couple we know is Heidi & Heather...US!  Both of us started as individual portrait photographers (and still keep our own businesses), but we love working together so much that we often join forces for other events as well.  This past weekend was one of those great events - Happy Campers!

Some lovely friends let us bombard their property with loads of cute camping-themed props and loads of cute kids all day for photo sessions. The weather was AMAZING, which was a bit of a shock because the weather in Oregon in May is usually, well, not so amazing. It was also such a joy to have some families join us whose weddings we photographed once upon a time.  We love capturing the Heidi & Heather Wedding Photography families as they grow!

One of perks of working as a great couple - besides having created such a great friendship - is being able to capture some of the behind-the-scenes magic of our sessions.

We are always brainstorming more ways to spend time working together as the fabulous and happy couple we are (if we do say so ourselves!), and you can see what we're up to next on our schedule of upcoming events here.