Heidi and Heather Wedding Photography


The Next Chapter

Engagements, weddings, pregnancies, babies...we get to photograph the next chapter that is a BIG DEAL in your life.  However, for so many of us, the next chapter isn't just these moments, it's every day in between.  We were reminded of this last weekend as one of our HHWP couples celebrated their first anniversary.

Jaclyn and JJ had a standout wedding ceremony at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom in downtown Portland last May. They marched their giddy-little-selves around for all sorts of fabulous photos, because they were so darn excited they were bursting.

Like most of our HHWP couples, we've kept in touch with these two since their wedding.  We've been able to see how they've reveled in their first year of marriage.  The Crystal Ballroom location reflected their awesome personalities; the wedding ceremony reflected their love for each other; but its all those "normal" days after the wedding that we see reflecting their commitment to each other - the next chapter.  Happy Anniversary!