Heidi and Heather Wedding Photography


I Still Do

"I DO." 

Those are the words that essentially make the wedding...well, a wedding.  I mean, Prince Humperdinck made the Impressive Clergyman skip right over "I Do," and that alone was enough to determine that Princess Buttercup had not, in fact, married the awful prince and was free to marry Westley. 

But why "I Still Do" - why would you need a do-over for wedding photos?!

We'll tell you why.  Because you eloped and didn't take formal pictures.  Because you didn't like your formal pictures.  Because you didn't have enough time to enjoy taking your formal pictures.  Because you got married in 1985 and your wedding dress was very 1985.  Because you got married in 2005 and it's a pretty darn good ten-year anniversary gift.  Because you've had three kids and the dress still fits.  Because you've had three kids and the suit still fits.  

Because you're still madly in love with your best friend, and you know that you've essentially been saying "I still do" every day since the day you first said it.  Do you really need a better reason than that?!

This year marks our third year of the I Still Do event.  It's insanely popular, and as of this posting, there are only two slots left!  This year's event will be held on Saturday, September 12, 2015.  Contact us for more info or to sign up!