Heidi and Heather Wedding Photography


Love Story Portraits

Weddings are beautiful and amazing.  We know this.  We live this and we breathe this.

And yet you know that at some point during your wedding planning (whether the wedding is over or you're in the middle of the planning) you had the thought, "This is nuts.  We should elope all alone and just throw a party later."  You didn't have that thought???  Liar.

Well, the magnificent Heidi - yes, OUR Heidi - and her handsome hubby had that thought.  AND THEY DID JUST THAT!  A few months ago, they stood on gorgeous cliff in scenic Central Oregon and exchanged vows.  Fast forward to July, and they got all dolled up for the camera so Heather - yes, OUR Heather - could take those fancy-pants wedding photos for them. 

Lisa Christine Favorites-0028.jpg

And now we're in LOVE with this idea.  Ok, so eloping isn't for everyone.  But taking the wedding photos separate from the rest of the hullabaloo of a wedding?!  Yes, please!  It was so incredibly peaceful to watch two people so much in love celebrating their wedding and posing for their photos without the stress of the rest of the night, without the noise of the guests clamoring for certain photos, and without the pressure to finish injustthatmuch time because the ceremony or the reception is going to start.

We're so in love with this idea, that from now on we're offering separate Bridal Sessions as an add-on to our wedding packages.  It's so relaxing to focus on your bridal portraits independent of all the other photos you want to capture - and you spent all that money on the dress, might as well wear it twice! ;)

Ask us for more info on adding a Bridal Session to your wedding photo package.  And in the mean time, feast your eyes on more of Heidi and Jeff's amazing Bridal Session photos, because they are pure love and joy.