Heidi and Heather Wedding Photography


Cathedral of Love

You may notice that one of our go-to spots for engagement photos is Cathedral Park in Portland.  Named for the likeliness of the breathtaking arches that span the Willamette River bracing the St. John's Bridge, Cathedral Park is a gorgeous spot to capture our couples in love - the space becomes their own personal "Cathedral of Love."

Courtney and Scottie were one of our recent couples to visit the Cathedral of Love for their engagement session.  They truly enjoyed showing us how much they loved being with each other!

In 1980, the City of Portland buried a time capsule in Cathedral Park to be opened in the year 2030 - 50 years later.  What a romantic notion for our couples to have their engagement session right on top of a buried treasure in this Cathedral of Love. 

Fifteen years from now, the time capsule in Cathedral Park will be opened.  When that happens, couples like Courtney and Scottie can look back at their engagement photos we captured in this spectacular location and reminisce about when their journey together was just starting.  They will reflect on where the last 15 years has brought them - and look forward to what's in store for the next 50.