Heidi and Heather Wedding Photography


Feelin' Hot! Hot! Hot!

Brodie and Kimberly had a super fun and super HOT wedding day!  They celebrated their outdoor wedding on an evening when temps neared TRIPLE digits. These Oregonians didn't sweat though...and neither did we!  Ok, so maybe our little photographer bodies did actually physically produce sweat given all the running around we were doing to capture this day, but we certainly didn't "sweat," as photographing these two was piece of wedding cake.  Speaking of wedding cake - they didn't have one!  Guests enjoyed the couple's favorite doughnuts for dessert.

Their rustic and sweet wedding outside the Octagonal Barn at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse combined a traditional ceremony with whimsical personal touches - such as a reading from The Velveteen Rabbit.  We do believe this was the tallest wedding party we've ever photographed, as the shortest groomsman was 6 feet tall!  The bride was glowing and the groom couldn't stop beaming. It was a night to remember...did we mention it was HOT?!