Heidi and Heather Wedding Photography



Jenna and Rick

Recently, we came across a story of a very public proposal between two very public people.  A heavy metal rock star and an actress, to be more precise (and now you can all Google it if we didn't already give it away).  Anyway, while it was a wild proposal by a wild fellow (and there was just a little cursing involved), something about the story touched us.  He brought his gal up on stage with her two kids in tow.  He asked for her hand, but then she asked him, "Will you love my children forevermore?"

He said yes.

One of the things that is so beautiful about weddings is not just the coming together of two people, but of two families.  And in many love stories, this includes kiddos. 

Rick and Jenna may not be heavy metal thrashers, but they are rock stars in each others' eyes.  And this past weekend, Jenna married Rick - and his adorable daughter.  We had the joy of photographing their engagement session as well as the wedding, which included this very photogenic little girl... 

Congrats to these two rockin' lovebirds - may you love each other, and that gorgeous little girl - forevermore in you new little family!