Heidi and Heather Wedding Photography


Don't Stop Telling Your Story


Today we want to challenge the myth that photography sessions are for kids and young families only. We capture our weddings and our babies, saving those moments forever in photographs. But our lives don't stop there! Where in the world is it written that babies are required in family  photography, or that you should stop documenting the beauty of your life after your kids have grown?  There is so much more to the story of your love and your life together. 

We present to you the Hicks!  This gorgeous couple celebrated their love story with this anniversary session.  


They were such a joy to capture!  They were so sweet with each other, and let themselves get lost in the moment. 


Their images are so telling of their love for each other. Now they will have these beautiful photos to cherish and to tell their story to all of the generations to come. 

What a shame it would be to miss the opportunity to document ALL of the chapters of our lives.  

Your love story doesn't end when your family grows up!  Please don't stop telling it!