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What Should We Wear?

Recently we were asked a very good question- what should we wear to our family photo session?  Actually we get this question a lot, and we are SO happy that you ask!  In fact, the answers apply to engagement sessions, too.


With all of the upcoming summer and fall mini sessions in the works, we thought it was a good time to share some thoughts on the subject.  We want your photo session to be as fun and relaxed as possible so we can capture that natural joy and love that you have for each other.  Let us help by taking away some of that outfit anxiety!  

Here are our top 8 tips for picking the perfect photo session outfits!

  1. Choose colors that match your home.  This is probably not the first thing you thought of- and yet it is SO important!  Close your eyes and imagine where these amazing photos will be displayed- or better yet, stand in front of that wall right now.  What is the color theme of that room?  What is the general feel- is it formal?  Casual?  Vintage?  Rustic?  Choose colors that will compliment the space where the photos will be displayed.
  2. Think about the backdrop of your photos.  Did you choose an outdoor location?  From grasses to trees to flowers, chances are there will be a lot of green and yellow tones in the background. Choose colors that will pop against that backdrop. 
  3. Start with the most difficult person to dress.  Is there one member of your family who is more particular about what he wears?  Someone who refuses to wear anything but her pink floral dress?  That is the person to dress first. Choose an outfit that will satisfy that person, then build from there. 
  4. Pick two to three colors, then mix and match. Choose a few shades that compliment the first outfit to dress the rest of the family.  Avoid getting too matchy matchy- everyone in flannel shirts and jeans would be matching overload.
  5. Avoid clothing with obvious logos. Unless it makes sense for the photo- such as a Batman shirt for a superhero mini session- logos can be distracting.
  6. Add a few fun accessories.  A scarf, a cute hat on the baby, a pretty headband on your little girl- these touches add texture and interest to your photos and let your personality shine through.
  7. Consider the weather.  Are your outfit choices comfortable enough to wear outside?  That short-sleeved dress may be adorable but nobody will be interested in smiling if they are shivering. Add sweaters, jackets, scarfs, tights, mittens and hats where necessary to keep everyone cozy and content.
  8. Be comfortable!  Choose clothes that feel good when you put them on.  Clothes that are too tight, itchy or otherwise ill- fitting will prevent you from relaxing and enjoying yourself- and that will show in your photos. Making sure everyone is comfortable will go a long way to create happy family photos. 

Keep these tips in mind when choosing your outfits, and you will  set the perfect stage for beautiful photos to cherish for years to come!