I've signed up for family photos! Now what?!!?

So, you’ve signed up for family pictures with us...and then comes the dreaded thought ....WHAT ARE WE GOING TO WEAR?!! Lucky for you, we've teamed up with the fabulous Kristy of "Styled by Luxe" and she is our personal stylist....and should be yours, too! Kristy offered to guest blog for us today, so without further ado, here is some information from Kristy! 


Hi Guys! So once you've signed up for family photos, if you're anything like me... you start to scour the internet for ideas, you look at friends pictures for inspiration and you even ask your photographer if they have suggestions (I’ve done that!). But what if it could be easier? Less stressful? More enjoyable! I think I can help with that in a variety of ways.

First, I want you to consider - where are these pictures going? Do you plan to hang them up in your home? If so, what is the color scheme in your house? What’s your style? You’ll want to make sure these pictures will fit right in! You’ll also want to take into consideration where these pictures are being taken. Outside at a park, or in a city? Maybe you're having a studio session. Your outfits should compliment your house but they should also work well with your surroundings.

Once you've picked your color scheme, the natural instinct is to start figuring out what everyone else is going to wear, so naturally you start with the kids. In my experience when I get everyone else’s outfits put together before mine, it leaves me running around town trying to figure out something to wear, I end up spending more money than I would have if I had started with myself, and I usually don’t even like what I end up wearing. To top it off, the idea of pictures just sounds terrible at that point, not only to myself but to my husband as well because he sees me turning into a crazy person (Yep! Been there!). I understand wanting your pictures to turn out perfect and that’s why I encourage you to start with YOU (YES! YOU!). The kids are easy to dress and spouses, too! Once your outfit is put together the other pieces will fall into place.

Here’s an example of my family pictures from a couple years ago.

Photo by: Heidi & Heather Collective

Now you can see, I didn’t go super matchy-matchy, but the colors in our outfits and the scenery worked very well together (in my opinion) and matched perfectly with our home decor. For these looks I started with my outfit and picked colors for my husband and son from there. I like how Chris’ dark denim picks up the navy from my shirt and Caleb’s sweater and Caleb’s tan and gold pick up the color off of Chris’s shirt and shoes. You can kind of see it, if you look closely, Chris’ shirt had a purple stripe which worked perfectly with my skirt and the flowers on my shirt. We didn’t all wear the same thing (or colors) and we had different patterns but because the colors worked well together and complimented the scenery it all came together perfectly.

If this information isn’t helpful enough and you’re still at a loss as to what to wear let me help you! My small business, Styled By Luxe, can take care of you and your family! I offer custom packages to fit most any need at an affordable rate!

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Thompson Family: Twice the Smiles, Twice the Love...

We have photographed Leanne and her son Tabor for many years... we also got to be there for Leanne's wedding to James, and most recently, photograph their latest additions, twins Silas and Saul! We are so honored to be a part of their lives and watch as this amazing family grows!


Veronica Shares Her Mini Session Experience With HHWP!


 Hi!  My name is Veronica and I wanted to share our mini session experience with you guys. 

It has been over a week since our mini session with Heidi and Heather, and I cannot stop gushing about our experience. Heather has been our go-to photographer since my maternity photo shoot and we’ve always come out with great pictures and an amazing experience.

This last mini-session was our first official family photo shoot and I was so nervous! I was certain my son would be grumpy and clingy and refuse to give even one smile. Boy, was I wrong!


Heidi and Heather are the Dream Team! I could see the difference right away in how easy it was to have two photographers. Heidi made the best sounds and tickled my son until he started flashing us a smile. He was comfortable from the beginning which made my husband and I relax as well.


Heather always catches great shots and they were excellent at finding the right light and perfect poses.


I was in awe of how well they communicated and bounced ideas off one another. They were fast and efficient and all-around brilliant! I look forward to more mini and full sessions with Heidi and Heather.


They give us amazing memories to last a lifetime! Thank you, ladies!

Veronica is a Project Manager and mommy to sweet Brayden.  

Veronica is a Project Manager and mommy to sweet Brayden.