Adam + Jackie: A Love Story

Jackie and Adam celebrated their April wedding in a serene and intimate little venue. It was our first time photographing at the Hopkins Demonstration Forest in Oregon City, and we fell in love! The weather could not have been more perfect (it doesn't happen often in April in Oregon!). The theme of their wedding was semi-rustic with a dash of sparkle and shades of purple. They chose to let the incredible Oregon backdrop do all the talking, and it was a great decision. The sweeping views and tall trees and sounds of nature all contributed to the perfect wedding. Our favorite part of the day? Watching Adam serenade his new bride during the reception! Swoon! What bride doesn't dream of a romantic moment like that?

Adam Loves Jackie 2017-Social Media Files-0066.jpg

Venue: Hopkins Demonstration Forest
Flower Crown: Bella Bloom Florals
Other flowers were bought at Safeway, prepared by bridal party.
Cake/ Dessert: Fat Cupcakes
Wedding dress: David's Bridal
Groom Suit: Men's Wearhouse
Officiant, Ernie Claeson

All you need is love...

And a little sunshine! We love when our couples opt for a late Fall or early winter engagement shoot, and we love it even more when the weather cooperates and we get gorgeous light like this! Tessa and Matt braved the chilly temperature and we lucked out with dreamy sunlight. We can't wait for their July wedding!


As we sit here on the last day of 2015, we can't help but be filled with joy and gratitude at all that we were able to do this year, and all the weddings we attended and photographed. Each and every wedding was different, special, beautiful, and heart warming. We wanted to take a quick jaunt down memory lane and look back at a few of our favorite moments over the year. Happy New Year!

Engagement photos...and beyond!

One thing the two of us never grow tired of is seeing couples through so many stages of their lives.  We've photographed friends, and become friends with those we photographed.  It really is the best job in the world to us.

For a lot of the couples we know, our journey together starts with engagement photos.  This past spring we photographed Gabe and Melissa's engagement session, and three weeks ago we captured their wedding in Bend. 

Enjoy some of their chilly spring photos (where they obviously had no problem snuggling to keep warm!).  Stay tuned for the photos from the next stage - the wedding!

Dear Groom

Dear Groom (who is dreading the photos),

Are you feeling like you need a couple of shots of whiskey before you can endure a few shots from the camera?  Don't worry, we've encountered that before.  Many brides show up having planned every little detail, including what kind of photos she wants.  Most grooms basically just show up; albeit madly in love and ready to get married.  Don't get us wrong - we've certainly had couples where those roles are reversed, and we've met grooms that planned the little details and love taking photos.  But you're not one of them, so we decided to share a few things with you.

#1. You will be so glad you did it.  You might be nervous and less than thrilled around the camera, but in the end you will love spending part of your wedding day doing fun, goofy, giddy things with your new wife - and having each and every moment documented forever.  You will be kissing her, dipping her, loving her, spinning her around, snuggling her... and if you do that, those photos will be amazing and remind you every day how beautiful you both felt and looked on your wedding day.  Photos capture more than just images- they capture the memory of the emotions you were experiencing.  You will be able to look at your photos and re-live all those wonderful emotions.

#2. You hired us because we know what we're doing.  When we sat down to talk about your wedding, we showed you our portfolio and the work we are capable of.  By hiring us we consider ourselves bound to making sure we meet or exceed the standards of work we presented to you.  This means that we may have to take you guys out of the cocktail hour to do photos at sunset, or perhaps pull you out of the reception for a few minutes to do a night-time shot.  We will balance getting those perfect shots with letting you enjoy your day - we promise.  This ain't our first rodeo.

#3.  You often won't even realize we are there. The majority of the photos we take during the day is pure photojournalism - documenting every aspect of your day. We spend a large chunk of our time at your wedding just taking pictures of the things you are naturally doing to get ready; things you would be doing even if you didn't have photographers capturing those moments. However, sometimes, we are going to have to pose you. Sometimes one of us will be pretty far away using a telephoto lens, but sometimes you'll feel like we're all up in your face.  When we are that close, it will just be for a few quick shots.  Remember, the vast majority of the time, having a photographer means you won't even realize we are there.

#4. We love photographing the guy stuff.  The camaraderie, the friendship, the style. For us, the groom isn't second fiddle - you are obviously just as important as the bride.  We want to make sure you’re getting what you want and we want to make you look amazing as well. We aim to capture timeless, handsome, dapper and authentic photos.  We want to make your kids look back on your wedding photos and think ‘that was my DAD?!”.  We will photograph you and your best guy-friends together, having fun, being who you are.  Again, sometimes we’ll guide you into poses that make you look good, but mostly it will be pretty casual. 

So go ahead and take a shot to loosen up before we get started on the photos if you still want to.  But we're confident that you won't need to, because we're seasoned pros and we know how to make this the most comfortable experience for you.  And if that's not enough, just remember that your number one girl is going to be by your side...on your wedding day and for the rest of your life. 

Love Story Portraits

Weddings are beautiful and amazing.  We know this.  We live this and we breathe this.

And yet you know that at some point during your wedding planning (whether the wedding is over or you're in the middle of the planning) you had the thought, "This is nuts.  We should elope all alone and just throw a party later."  You didn't have that thought???  Liar.

Well, the magnificent Heidi - yes, OUR Heidi - and her handsome hubby had that thought.  AND THEY DID JUST THAT!  A few months ago, they stood on gorgeous cliff in scenic Central Oregon and exchanged vows.  Fast forward to July, and they got all dolled up for the camera so Heather - yes, OUR Heather - could take those fancy-pants wedding photos for them. 

Lisa Christine Favorites-0028.jpg

And now we're in LOVE with this idea.  Ok, so eloping isn't for everyone.  But taking the wedding photos separate from the rest of the hullabaloo of a wedding?!  Yes, please!  It was so incredibly peaceful to watch two people so much in love celebrating their wedding and posing for their photos without the stress of the rest of the night, without the noise of the guests clamoring for certain photos, and without the pressure to finish injustthatmuch time because the ceremony or the reception is going to start.

We're so in love with this idea, that from now on we're offering separate Bridal Sessions as an add-on to our wedding packages.  It's so relaxing to focus on your bridal portraits independent of all the other photos you want to capture - and you spent all that money on the dress, might as well wear it twice! ;)

Ask us for more info on adding a Bridal Session to your wedding photo package.  And in the mean time, feast your eyes on more of Heidi and Jeff's amazing Bridal Session photos, because they are pure love and joy.

Feelin' Hot! Hot! Hot!

Brodie and Kimberly had a super fun and super HOT wedding day!  They celebrated their outdoor wedding on an evening when temps neared TRIPLE digits. These Oregonians didn't sweat though...and neither did we!  Ok, so maybe our little photographer bodies did actually physically produce sweat given all the running around we were doing to capture this day, but we certainly didn't "sweat," as photographing these two was piece of wedding cake.  Speaking of wedding cake - they didn't have one!  Guests enjoyed the couple's favorite doughnuts for dessert.

Their rustic and sweet wedding outside the Octagonal Barn at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse combined a traditional ceremony with whimsical personal touches - such as a reading from The Velveteen Rabbit.  We do believe this was the tallest wedding party we've ever photographed, as the shortest groomsman was 6 feet tall!  The bride was glowing and the groom couldn't stop beaming. It was a night to remember...did we mention it was HOT?!


Do you find yourself watching endless hours of HGTV swooning over well-designed rooms...only to turn off the TV and be suddenly staring at reality: empty walls, ugly paint and perhaps a myriad of toys/books/mail strewn all over the place?  We can help!

Ok, so we can't help with paint color and fabric design.  Or forcing your kids, spouse or self to pick up.  And we actually won't come organize a darn thing.  BUT we can help with beautiful, perfectly arranged memories to hang on your walls! 

Hey, it's a start. 

We LOVE canvas prints, and right now we're offering a stellar deal on professional canvas prints.  Even better, we've put together canvas packages with a handy-dandy guide on how you might arrange these memories.  And EVEN BETTER THAN THAT, if you order one of these packages and mention this blog post, we'll give you an additional 11x14 canvas for FREE!

Order a set now and put together memories from your wedding, I Still Do, engagement, maternity, newborn or family sessions from us.  Or mix and match with all your memories!  Remember to mention this post for that additional 11x14 canvas for free!  And a free canvas isn't something either of the Property Brothers is going to give you, no matter how many times you watch them.  :)