Denny + Paige: A Love Story

The Garden in the Woods is a magical place and was the perfect backdrop for Denny and Paige's whimsical wedding. 


Paige and Denny had so many fun and personal details to their wedding, including incorporating adorable DIY animal themed center pieces.  


Paige's highschool ceramics teacher married them and used Dr. Suess's
"The Sneetches" as inspiration and for a really great vow holder (is that a thing?  It is now!).

Check out the beautiful arch way where the ceremony took place!  The groom let us know that they hand threaded the blue garland for hours and hours.  It was worth it!

We love the brides unique hair and stunning sense of style and the groom is looking dapper in his paisley tie!


Six on Saturday

Um, Friday got a teeny bit instead of Five on Friday you get Six on Saturday!  (It's a bonus photo since you had to wait an extra day!) ;) 

Last week we featured bridal bouquets some of the lovely ladies we photographed carried down the aisle.  Not to leave out the grooms; who often carry their own special bloom on their chest - just like carrying their bride in their heart (awww....)!  Happy weekend!

Five on Friday

As the famous Alfred Lord Tennyson quote says, "If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever." 

We couldn't think of a better sentiment when we look bridal bouquets.  Bouquets are gorgeous flowers gathered together - as if the most wonderful thoughts a couple have about each other are gathered together for the bride to hold onto on their wedding day.

Here's to lovely flowers and lovelier thoughts!

Five on Friday

We're starting something new - Five on Friday!  Tune into this blog on most Fridays and find "five fabulous photos" that showcase a few special details from many of the weddings we've captured.  One week it might be all about the dessert table, another it might be some of our favorite reception candids.  Though getting those perfect bridal portraits is the best part of what we do, it's the details about the wedding that make us enjoy every minute of the job.

This week, we decided to showcase flower girls.  Everyone on the HHWP team happens to have a sweet young (and perhaps sassy) daughter who has just started kindergarten or first grade this year.  Consequently, we're all kind of teary over photos of adorable little girls, wondering where the time went as we ship our beauties off to school for the day.  So while these photos might not make you cry, they'll certainly make you smile since the cuteness of these little gals dressed to the nines is almost too much to handle!

Ok ok, so there were a few more than five showcased above...but sometimes it's hard to choose from so much cuteness! Happy Friday!

A Very Special "Special Day"

Your wedding day is often referred to as "Your Special Day."  Joe and Esther are a couple that really put the "special" in special day. 

These two are a young couple, but when you watch them together, you become convinced they are old souls that have been connected for eons.  Esther is an antique collector and Joe is a farmer, and every sweet detail of this wedding was the absolute best representation of their love for each other and who they are as individuals. 

They have an amazing community of family and friends that treated this celebration like the party of the century.  Everyone gathered together and put in so much effort helping to create this beautiful wedding to celebrate this union. 

There are no more words to describe this wedding and the bond between these two - just feast your eyes on the wedding itself!

Congratulations, Joe and Esther, on your Special Day!