Adam + Jackie: A Love Story

Jackie and Adam celebrated their April wedding in a serene and intimate little venue. It was our first time photographing at the Hopkins Demonstration Forest in Oregon City, and we fell in love! The weather could not have been more perfect (it doesn't happen often in April in Oregon!). The theme of their wedding was semi-rustic with a dash of sparkle and shades of purple. They chose to let the incredible Oregon backdrop do all the talking, and it was a great decision. The sweeping views and tall trees and sounds of nature all contributed to the perfect wedding. Our favorite part of the day? Watching Adam serenade his new bride during the reception! Swoon! What bride doesn't dream of a romantic moment like that?

Adam Loves Jackie 2017-Social Media Files-0066.jpg

Venue: Hopkins Demonstration Forest
Flower Crown: Bella Bloom Florals
Other flowers were bought at Safeway, prepared by bridal party.
Cake/ Dessert: Fat Cupcakes
Wedding dress: David's Bridal
Groom Suit: Men's Wearhouse
Officiant, Ernie Claeson

Colten + Michelle


We are so excited to share another love story with you today!  Meet Colten and Michelle! This sweet couple met on a blind date through a mutual friend.  The sparks flew so high on that first date that Colten declared to his matchmaking friend he was going to marry that girl!


After a second date with each of their dogs in tow, Michelle said they were "attached at the hip!"  Soon they moved in together, and rescued their dane-lab mix, Keira.  


Colten followed through with his declaration exactly one year after rescuing Keira, who carried the engagement ring to Michelle on her collar. Of course Keira will be the ring bearer at their vineyard wedding this summer.


We had so much fun with them on this dreamy sunset engagement session.  And oh what a romantic, rustic setting!  Congratulations Michelle and Colten! We can't wait to capture your special day!


As we sit here on the last day of 2015, we can't help but be filled with joy and gratitude at all that we were able to do this year, and all the weddings we attended and photographed. Each and every wedding was different, special, beautiful, and heart warming. We wanted to take a quick jaunt down memory lane and look back at a few of our favorite moments over the year. Happy New Year!


Over the summer, we had the joy of introducing you to Courtney and Scottie.  A spectacular couple, the happiness they feel when they are with each other just seeps from every ounce of them.  They are a joy to photograph. 

As we wind down from the busiest season for our business and look forward to the New Year, we thought we'd share their happy.  Their wedding at McMenamins Edgefield was a party - a true celebration of how their love started and blossomed, and every guest there had so much exuberance for what their future holds. 

Hats off to Courtney and Scottie, as well as all of our 2015 couples, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Benjamin and Annie

It's been a little soggy here in the great state of Oregon...yes, soggier than usual.  The reality is flooding in our area has been a bit dangerous (and one of us was actually bailing out our crawlspace the other night...), so we certainly hope that everyone is keeping safe.  But we still couldn't help but chuckle at the photo in the news of a guy sight-seeing his way through the flooded Wal-Mart parking lot in a canoe.

And yes, this is related to our wedding photography because WE HAVE A PHOTO OF A COUPLE IN A CANOE!  Not only do we have the photo, it's one of our favorite images we've ever captured. 

Benjamin and Annie (who are at Bridal Veil Lakes here, not a flooded parking lot...), had a sweet wedding this past summer that brought them back from Abu Dhabi to celebrate their union with their families.

Congratulations, Ben and Annie!

Five on Friday

Our brides and grooms have shared some sweet, saucy, and downright sensual kisses in the years we've been capturing weddings.  But we've photographed more kisses than just between the bride and groom - kisses between dads and daughters, moms and sons, dads and moms - weddings bring out the love in everyone!  Here are some of the sweetest little kisses we've captured that weren't between the bride and groom!

Happy Friday!

Five on Friday

It's Five on Friday!  Except this week we're doing Five (x3) on Friday... we're sharing some of the amazing shots we've captured of the littlest wedding guests cutting a rug on the dance floor, and it's virtually impossible to limit it to just five.  Goodness, we could've picked five for each kid!

Happy Friday...and Happy Halloween!

Six on Saturday

Um, Friday got a teeny bit instead of Five on Friday you get Six on Saturday!  (It's a bonus photo since you had to wait an extra day!) ;) 

Last week we featured bridal bouquets some of the lovely ladies we photographed carried down the aisle.  Not to leave out the grooms; who often carry their own special bloom on their chest - just like carrying their bride in their heart (awww....)!  Happy weekend!

Five on Friday

As the famous Alfred Lord Tennyson quote says, "If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever." 

We couldn't think of a better sentiment when we look bridal bouquets.  Bouquets are gorgeous flowers gathered together - as if the most wonderful thoughts a couple have about each other are gathered together for the bride to hold onto on their wedding day.

Here's to lovely flowers and lovelier thoughts!

Five on Friday

We started out the night thinking this post was going to be all about dessert because - well, we're getting this up a bit late on a Friday night and it's dessert time!  But after looking through the photos of all the yummy desserts we've seen offered at weddings, we couldn't help but find ourselves ooohing and aaahhing as reminisced about the neat cake decorations we've seen.  

So instead, here you have five neat twists on traditional cake toppers - with a special shout-out to the creativity of tucking Spiderman among the gorgeous cake flowers!  Sweet cake-filled dreams, everyone!

Five on Friday

We all know how much fun it is to plan what kind of flowers you want (or don't) for your wedding; what kind of cake or cupcakes you'll all indulge in; and what shoes you're going to wear for that walk down the aisle (see last week's Five on Friday!).  But one wedding detail stands out as extra special - the bling! 

Your wedding rings outlast all the other wedding day details.  Long after the flowers are wilted and the one-year cake has been pulled out of the freezer for the traditional anniversary bite (or, if you're like some of us, many years after the cake has been forgotten about and left in the freezer...), your wedding rings are still there as a symbol of your enduring love.  We love staging the wedding ring photos; so much fun and creativity goes into capturing that perfect detailed shot.  Enjoy some of our favorites!

Happy Friday!