Five on Friday

The New Year is well underway, but we are still in the mood to celebrate!  Let's toast to Friday!  Don't you just love the clink of the glasses, the reminiscing about sweet moments, the promise of exciting things to come... not to mention the delicious drink?  Here's some inspiration to get your weekend started.  Cheers to health, happiness and of course, love!

Happy Friday!


Over the summer, we had the joy of introducing you to Courtney and Scottie.  A spectacular couple, the happiness they feel when they are with each other just seeps from every ounce of them.  They are a joy to photograph. 

As we wind down from the busiest season for our business and look forward to the New Year, we thought we'd share their happy.  Their wedding at McMenamins Edgefield was a party - a true celebration of how their love started and blossomed, and every guest there had so much exuberance for what their future holds. 

Hats off to Courtney and Scottie, as well as all of our 2015 couples, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Benjamin and Annie

It's been a little soggy here in the great state of Oregon...yes, soggier than usual.  The reality is flooding in our area has been a bit dangerous (and one of us was actually bailing out our crawlspace the other night...), so we certainly hope that everyone is keeping safe.  But we still couldn't help but chuckle at the photo in the news of a guy sight-seeing his way through the flooded Wal-Mart parking lot in a canoe.

And yes, this is related to our wedding photography because WE HAVE A PHOTO OF A COUPLE IN A CANOE!  Not only do we have the photo, it's one of our favorite images we've ever captured. 

Benjamin and Annie (who are at Bridal Veil Lakes here, not a flooded parking lot...), had a sweet wedding this past summer that brought them back from Abu Dhabi to celebrate their union with their families.

Congratulations, Ben and Annie!

The Little, Beautiful Things

Oh my, everyone.  This past week has reminded us there are some ugly things in this world.  So we're going to take this moment to count our blessings and thank you all for reminding us of the little, beautiful things in this world... ice cream...

...and wild forests and roaring rivers...

...and the ability to let loose...

...and a drink when you want it...

...and a hug when you need it.

As photographers, we've captured these beautiful things in your lives so you have happy memories for a lifetime.  But we can't thank you enough for letting us capture these beautiful things so we also have happy memories to remind us of the beautiful things in the whole wide world.

Five on Friday

Our brides and grooms have shared some sweet, saucy, and downright sensual kisses in the years we've been capturing weddings.  But we've photographed more kisses than just between the bride and groom - kisses between dads and daughters, moms and sons, dads and moms - weddings bring out the love in everyone!  Here are some of the sweetest little kisses we've captured that weren't between the bride and groom!

Happy Friday!

Five on Friday

It's Five on Friday!  Except this week we're doing Five (x3) on Friday... we're sharing some of the amazing shots we've captured of the littlest wedding guests cutting a rug on the dance floor, and it's virtually impossible to limit it to just five.  Goodness, we could've picked five for each kid!

Happy Friday...and Happy Halloween!

Five on Friday

We started out the night thinking this post was going to be all about dessert because - well, we're getting this up a bit late on a Friday night and it's dessert time!  But after looking through the photos of all the yummy desserts we've seen offered at weddings, we couldn't help but find ourselves ooohing and aaahhing as reminisced about the neat cake decorations we've seen.  

So instead, here you have five neat twists on traditional cake toppers - with a special shout-out to the creativity of tucking Spiderman among the gorgeous cake flowers!  Sweet cake-filled dreams, everyone!

Five on Friday

We all know how much fun it is to plan what kind of flowers you want (or don't) for your wedding; what kind of cake or cupcakes you'll all indulge in; and what shoes you're going to wear for that walk down the aisle (see last week's Five on Friday!).  But one wedding detail stands out as extra special - the bling! 

Your wedding rings outlast all the other wedding day details.  Long after the flowers are wilted and the one-year cake has been pulled out of the freezer for the traditional anniversary bite (or, if you're like some of us, many years after the cake has been forgotten about and left in the freezer...), your wedding rings are still there as a symbol of your enduring love.  We love staging the wedding ring photos; so much fun and creativity goes into capturing that perfect detailed shot.  Enjoy some of our favorites!

Happy Friday!

Dear Groom

Dear Groom (who is dreading the photos),

Are you feeling like you need a couple of shots of whiskey before you can endure a few shots from the camera?  Don't worry, we've encountered that before.  Many brides show up having planned every little detail, including what kind of photos she wants.  Most grooms basically just show up; albeit madly in love and ready to get married.  Don't get us wrong - we've certainly had couples where those roles are reversed, and we've met grooms that planned the little details and love taking photos.  But you're not one of them, so we decided to share a few things with you.

#1. You will be so glad you did it.  You might be nervous and less than thrilled around the camera, but in the end you will love spending part of your wedding day doing fun, goofy, giddy things with your new wife - and having each and every moment documented forever.  You will be kissing her, dipping her, loving her, spinning her around, snuggling her... and if you do that, those photos will be amazing and remind you every day how beautiful you both felt and looked on your wedding day.  Photos capture more than just images- they capture the memory of the emotions you were experiencing.  You will be able to look at your photos and re-live all those wonderful emotions.

#2. You hired us because we know what we're doing.  When we sat down to talk about your wedding, we showed you our portfolio and the work we are capable of.  By hiring us we consider ourselves bound to making sure we meet or exceed the standards of work we presented to you.  This means that we may have to take you guys out of the cocktail hour to do photos at sunset, or perhaps pull you out of the reception for a few minutes to do a night-time shot.  We will balance getting those perfect shots with letting you enjoy your day - we promise.  This ain't our first rodeo.

#3.  You often won't even realize we are there. The majority of the photos we take during the day is pure photojournalism - documenting every aspect of your day. We spend a large chunk of our time at your wedding just taking pictures of the things you are naturally doing to get ready; things you would be doing even if you didn't have photographers capturing those moments. However, sometimes, we are going to have to pose you. Sometimes one of us will be pretty far away using a telephoto lens, but sometimes you'll feel like we're all up in your face.  When we are that close, it will just be for a few quick shots.  Remember, the vast majority of the time, having a photographer means you won't even realize we are there.

#4. We love photographing the guy stuff.  The camaraderie, the friendship, the style. For us, the groom isn't second fiddle - you are obviously just as important as the bride.  We want to make sure you’re getting what you want and we want to make you look amazing as well. We aim to capture timeless, handsome, dapper and authentic photos.  We want to make your kids look back on your wedding photos and think ‘that was my DAD?!”.  We will photograph you and your best guy-friends together, having fun, being who you are.  Again, sometimes we’ll guide you into poses that make you look good, but mostly it will be pretty casual. 

So go ahead and take a shot to loosen up before we get started on the photos if you still want to.  But we're confident that you won't need to, because we're seasoned pros and we know how to make this the most comfortable experience for you.  And if that's not enough, just remember that your number one girl is going to be by your side...on your wedding day and for the rest of your life. 

A Very Special "Special Day"

Your wedding day is often referred to as "Your Special Day."  Joe and Esther are a couple that really put the "special" in special day. 

These two are a young couple, but when you watch them together, you become convinced they are old souls that have been connected for eons.  Esther is an antique collector and Joe is a farmer, and every sweet detail of this wedding was the absolute best representation of their love for each other and who they are as individuals. 

They have an amazing community of family and friends that treated this celebration like the party of the century.  Everyone gathered together and put in so much effort helping to create this beautiful wedding to celebrate this union. 

There are no more words to describe this wedding and the bond between these two - just feast your eyes on the wedding itself!

Congratulations, Joe and Esther, on your Special Day!


Do you find yourself watching endless hours of HGTV swooning over well-designed rooms...only to turn off the TV and be suddenly staring at reality: empty walls, ugly paint and perhaps a myriad of toys/books/mail strewn all over the place?  We can help!

Ok, so we can't help with paint color and fabric design.  Or forcing your kids, spouse or self to pick up.  And we actually won't come organize a darn thing.  BUT we can help with beautiful, perfectly arranged memories to hang on your walls! 

Hey, it's a start. 

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