Five on Friday: He put a ring on it

Its Friday! Woohoo!

Right after December, February is the next most popular month to get engaged, and we are loving seeing all these beautiful engagement stories pop up in our news feeds! You'll also notice that rings aren't the only thing being featured below in our "5 on Friday", let's hear it for plaid! It's not a trend in Oregon, it's part of our lifestyle! If you got engaged this month, we want to hear about it!

Five on Friday

We all know how much fun it is to plan what kind of flowers you want (or don't) for your wedding; what kind of cake or cupcakes you'll all indulge in; and what shoes you're going to wear for that walk down the aisle (see last week's Five on Friday!).  But one wedding detail stands out as extra special - the bling! 

Your wedding rings outlast all the other wedding day details.  Long after the flowers are wilted and the one-year cake has been pulled out of the freezer for the traditional anniversary bite (or, if you're like some of us, many years after the cake has been forgotten about and left in the freezer...), your wedding rings are still there as a symbol of your enduring love.  We love staging the wedding ring photos; so much fun and creativity goes into capturing that perfect detailed shot.  Enjoy some of our favorites!

Happy Friday!